What we do ...


·       In house consultancyPMI qualified consultants can support any organisation in delivery of business change. Ranging from overall programme management to dedicated project management or generally supporting any delivery through dedicated PMO services. Our consultants are experienced in many different market sectors and able to hit the proverbial ground running through tested processes and understanding of the customers governance models. Taking charge of the delivery of a customer programme and / or project(s) means that customer resources (in- house and / or outsourced) will be led by our consultants, generally adapting to customer delivery governance models.

·       External consultancy – Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can provide clarification to a customer’s need and / or support a customer to overcome a business problem. On a consultancy basis, PMPro responds to such need by providing dedicated expertise without necessarily integrating with the customer’s delivery governance processes.

On a case-by-case basis, a combination of above services proves to be the most pragmatic response to a customer need. In such case, we will happily customise our standard offering to make sure that the services we provide best fit the customer need.