Programme & Project Management

... for any business change


Programme & Project Management The proverbial oil that greases the wheels of change in any organisation. The essential toolset to deliver change in the private or public sector. Supporting the strategic direction in understanding the business need, from concept to launch. Introducing delivery governance to ensure the need remains valid, available budget is spent wisely and complications resolved as effectively as possible. Making sure that all people and parties affected are fully aware current state of play, how they are affected and how they can provide crucial feedback through dedicated communication channels a well- run programme ought to have introduced.

PMPro We know that well- run programme & project management makes a vital difference for any organisation. It is therefore not surprising that we have been enthusiastically and successfully involved in a wide range of business changes for many years. Ranging from customers with regulatory requirements, IT restrictions to E2E business transformation, PMPro enjoys working with a solid customer base that appreciates the value of delivery governance or requires assistance in solidifying it in their organisation. PMPro offers programme and project management consultancy services based on globally recognised methodologies, keeping up-to-date with industry innovations to make sure that we’re always able to offer customers the services they require … in- house or as external consultancy only.